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Marketing by Design | Portfolio: Small Art Treasures Facebook Ad


Small Art Treasures Facebook Ad

Catherine, the owner of Indigo & Sage, contracted MBD to handle her new website and ecommerce solution for sales of clothing, textiles and home products. So when it came time to start promoting her products, it was a natural to roll out the social media campaign with this paid promotion. Starting with this Facebook and Instagram ads for outreach to the desired demographic and locations in order to promote the website, brand and product sales. It was a big boost to Indigo & Sage’s outreach.

"MBD is my go-to for marketing and website design. They extremely knowledgeable and highly creative. I am so grateful for the fabulous work done in creating Indigo&Sage website for my new business - it brought my dream to life."
Agency: Marketing by Design
Client: Indigo & Sage
Utilization: Facebook, Instagram
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