Holst Brothers Vehicle Graphics

I was very pleased to hear that my client, Jens Holst, would be purchasing three Tesla’s for his on-site supervisor’s vehicle fleet. A booming economy and a contract for a celebrity’s new business construction allowed Holst Brother General Contractors to upgrade and increase their staff and consequently business. And when it came time to decide on the right vehicle — well a “green solution” for the company and the planet took precedence.

Robert certainly came through again and knocked it out of the park for our new vehicle graphics.
— Jens Holst, President of Holst Brothers General Contractors

Jens told me he wanted something different than graphics used on his construction vehicles. He was interested in replicating the graphics that are featured on his Porsche 911. So we adapted two versions for consideration, one with the Porsche replica and a variant with Tesla fonts. Jens settled on the “Tesla” version and so these attractive graphics adorn his new Tesla vehicles.