Marketing by Design – Why Start from Scratch?

Marketing by Design - Why Start from Scratch

Why Start from Scratch?

Ok, so you've decided your business needs a website or a new design. Now what? If you're smart, you'll ask your web designer to provide mockups and prototypes before you commit to building your website. MBD does just this by developing your site's layout and style guide, illustrating navigation and page architecture, and by providing content samples to help inspire the ultimate design. Mockups help identify issues in the early stages of design. While prototypes allow the function and flow of the website to be tested before launch to help discover flaws that could be overlooked during a review of static designs. Today’s multiple environments of responsive design across computers, tablets and mobile phones demand careful attention to each element of the design.

These preliminary steps, along our client's feedback and preferences, help to focus the design process and ensure that all goals are met. And will provide confidence beyond simple static designs for final approval. Finally, the successful collaboration between designer and client helps to keep everyone on the same page and promote long-standing relationships.

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