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Collateral Marketing: Sailing Gear. I happily share a love of sailing with some of my friends, and even some clients. Jens Holst has been a long-time client and friend since the nineties and so when he purchased his latest vessel, a beautiful catamaran, I was enlisted to assist in designing it’s identity. And so Cheval de la Mer, Sea Horse, was born and has been plying the waters off of Malibu for a year or so.

Jens has set off on a bucket-list adventure, sailing to the tip of Baja California in an organized regatta that should be amazing. I once participated in the Newport Beach to Ensenada race held every year in California so I know how amazing the challenge and rewards can be. But weather can be a challenge on a long, and often unpredictable sail, so it’s best to be prepared. The challenge was to find suitable gear to incorporate the CDLM’s logo and sail graphic along with a sailing ensign. After choosing a great Patagonia jacket in grey that complements the boat’s accents, we collaborated on several designs and settled on what you see here. And of course, sailing caps were also required equipment and we found an embroiderer who offered quality caps which are a great addition to the crew’s attire.

Keep an eye open, So if you are visiting Malibu or find yourself in sunny Cabo San Lucas, for a beautiful 50-foot catamaran that is showing great style and carrying a happy crew to it’s next adventure!

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